Nominate one company worldwide known for inspiring out of the box marketing campaigns! Probably one of world’s largest beer brewery will pop up: Heineken. And once again they surprised us. This time by their “GO Places” campaign. Thereby not only fulfilling HR purposes, but also make current employees proud they are part of this fun bunge of creative unicorns!

Get inspired by watching the video:

 The Heineken GO Places campaign

The video doesn’t stand alone in this Employer Branding campaign. Actually it’s the additional interactive website, GO Places, where you can answer the questions of the interviewer. It’s a personality check and an introduction of the company in one. After making 12 choices you discover if you know what it takes to succeed at Heineken. Are you a pioneer, an investigator, a mediator or an initiator? And obviously Heineken triggers you to apply for a job. This interactive campaign is plugged on LinkedIn and Facebook. The campaign exceeded everybody’s expectations since the number of applicants has increased with 300% in comparison to last year! (Source: Emerce)

Employer Branding at its finest

Lets take one step back to the basics of Employer Branding. In the first installment of our Employer Branding series we defined the topic:

“Employer branding refers to the branded communication activities involved in reaching and retaining that special, authentic and distinguished position as an employer in the minds of your potential, current and alumni employees and their influencers with the primary goals to attract, recruit and retain ideal employees.”

With this video Heineken not only communicates with their potential employees but also with current employees and ofcourse customers:
– to potential employees they say: “At Heineken you are able to design your own career”.
– to current employees they say: “You work at world’s coolest company, we are creative and fun!”
– to customers they say: “Did you know we offer more than 250 beers in over 70 countries, we are world’s best brewery.”

Heineken Employer Branding campaign

What makes Heineken’s GO Places campaign unique

The campaign gives a realistic feeling of the companies’ culture. The aim is to recruit employees worldwide but it also lives and breathes the brand. Job well done Heineken, this is what Employer Branding is all about!

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