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Our Roots

In 2011, Marijn Deurloo was searching for disruptive business models for the media sector. It was the year that the iPad and apps like Flipboard, Zite and Pulse were introduced. Almost immediately Marijn was struck by the disruption that gathered momentum; after a decline of several years in the total time spent on media, consumers suddenly started to read more for a longer period of time. He found out that this had to do with the iPad, our need for real time information consumption and the magazine-like design of these apps.

Inspired by the success of Flipboard, imgZine was born: a platform to quickly and easily configure Flipboard-like apps. In the beginning, the strength of imgzine’s platform was the aggregation of content from multiple sources to quickly launch an app. We quickly discovered that big data are the real gold. Smart algorithms allow us to create user profiles and analyse the reading behaviour of our users. The result is that our platform is able to provide relevant content on an individual level.

In the mean time, our most important target group had changed from the media sector to big(ger) corporates. We now focus on three core products: the Relevance App, the Insights App and the Event App. With these apps we can deliver your internal or external content - derived from multiple existing content sources - to your employees or customers, mainly on mobile devices. Check out our story below to read all about imgZine’s highlights from the beginning up to today!

    • 4 employees
    • 10 customers
    • 1 office
  1. The opening of imgZine's USA office

    imgZine goes to the USA with its smart mobile technology!

  2. imgZine part of the ORTEC Group

    Since 2013, imgZine is part of the ORTEC Group. ORTEC is one of the largest providers of advanced planning and optimization solutions and services. With imgZine, the ORTEC Group has now added the optimization of communications to its portfolio as well.

    • 24 employees
    • 35 customers
    • 2 offices
  3. imgZine launches Volkskrant Select app

    The Volkskrant Select app is a unique edition-based app developed by imgZine, with over 50,000 users!

  4. imgZine selected for the European Tech5 by The Next Web

    imgZine is selected for the European Tech5 competition by The Next Web, which means we are one of the five fastest growing tech startups of the Netherlands!

  5. The opening of imgZine's office in Australia

    imgZine goes to Australia with its smart mobile technology!

    • 50 employees
    • 75 customers
    • 4 offices
  6. imgZine develops unique app for Global Conference on Cyberspace 2015

    imgZine develops unique matchmaking app for delegates at the Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS) 2015.

  7. imgZine launches internal news app for Vodafone Germany

    imgZine launches internal news app for Vodafone Germany with over 6.000 users: V – die Vodafone MitarbeiterAPP.

  8. The opening of imgZine’s Germany office

    imgZine is ready to conquer Germany with its smart internal communications platform!

  9. imgZine has moved to a bigger office in Amsterdam

    We are growing so fast, we needed a bigger office! Come visit us for coffee at the Condensatorweg 54 in Amsterdam.

  10. imgZine is now ORTEC for Communications

    Our journey with ORTEC started a few years ago when imgZine became a part of ORTEC Group. Since then we became closer and closer so, now the time is right to take our collaboration to the next level.


We’ve grown from just a handful of people to a team of over 50 employees and 5 offices worldwide. As we’re expanding quickly, there are plenty of job opportunities to learn and grow with us!

  • 50 employees
  • 150+ apps
  • 5 offices

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