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Dashboard & Analytics

Measure, analyse and optimize

Discover your impact with analytics:

  • Analyze the reading pattern of loyal users

    By analyzing your users' reading behaviour, you can find the right employees to be your brand ambassador. Recognise loyal users with an effective reward program and let them promote your platform within the company!

  • Keep track of time

    Our analytics show, among others, when your users read articles on which devices, and how many times they come back during a certain time period. This enables you to send the right content at the right time!

  • Track the popularity of personalization

    How many users personalize their channels? How many news sources do they add on average? Which kind of news sources do they find interesting? Find out more statistics on the personalization of channels in our analytics!

  • See how users move throughout the platform

    Which news channels do your users click on? Do they skip certain pages? Where do they go after reading an article? Check out the view or click trial in our analytics to find out how people are moving throughout your platform!

  • Keep track of social media activities

    Check how many users press the “like” button after reading an article or share the article with their friends on social media. Learn from articles that are shared a lot, adapt other texts and increase social activity on your platform!

  • Analyse reading behaviour on different devices

    We help you create the perfect reading experience by analysing your users’ reading behaviour on any device. For instance, users might scan more articles on their mobile phones, while they might actually read more articles on their tablets. Let the statistics tell the story and adapt your content strategy!

  • Find out what kind of articles are missing

    Which articles are popular and which ones aren’t? Gain insight into your users’ reading behaviour on the level of articles, sources, topics and authors!

  • Keep track of your audience’s reach

    Our analytics will help you to keep track on the number of downloads, the number of (unique) visitors and the number of (unique) visits in the platform.

  • Filter analytics by user groups/characteristics

    Our analytics allow you to filter the statistics for a specific time period, device, and user segment, enabling you to dive in and discover more about certain user groups within your population of visitors.

  • Relevant content recommendations

    Our platform studies the reading behaviour of your users to understand their needs and automatically delivers highly personalized content recommendations.

Adapt your platform to optimize the results:

  • Create a poll or form

    If you would like to create a poll, feedback form or any other form of questionnaires, you can easily add those to your platform in our dashboard. Simply choose a kind of form, fill in the questions you would like to present and it is ready to be added to your platform!

  • Create ads

    The dashboard allows you to easily add advertisements or advertorials to certain channels on the platform. Just select the group of users you want it to be displayed at and publish it on your platform!

  • Create in-app alerts

    In addition to sending push notifications, you can display in-app alerts to all users or a specific user group. The difference with a push notification is that an alert is shown when users open the app, while a push notification will be shown without opening the app.

  • Send push notifications

    In times of urgent news or big wins, you can quickly send a push notification to all app users or to a particular group of users.

  • Adapt sources/channels

    You can easily add or remove news sources and channels on the platform via the dashboard. In addition, you can choose to present a news source or channel only to a specific group of users on the platform.

  • Connect social feeds

    The dashboard enables you to easily connect your (existing) social feeds to our platform to create extra exposure. These social feeds include LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Vimeo.