BE-Basic releases BIOhubNL

Marijn Deurloo

Today we are pleased to announce the release of BIOhubNL, a new real time magazine built for the BE-Basic foundation and their upcoming trade mission to the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology.


BE-Basic is a public-private partnership that develops industrial biobased solutions for a sustainable society. The partnership is coordinated by Delft University of Technology and funded in part by the Dutch the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Part of the BE-Basic foundation’s tasks include promoting international cooperation and biobased development. This year, the foundation is organizing a trade mission to the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology in collaboration with the Dutch government. The congress will take place from June 16 to June 19 in Montréal, Canada.

Inspired by the success of hollandhub, an app we recently built for another Dutch trade mission to Canada, BE-Basic asked us to develop BIOhubNL – a real time social magazine for iOS and Android that delivers relevant biotech news and information about the companies participating in the trip.

We took a chance to talk to BE-Basic’s communication officer, Noeska de Nobel, to learn more about the motivation behind BIOhubNL and the app’s role in the trade mission. Here’s what she shared:

Noeska, can you tell us why you were interested in publishing BIOhubNL and what added value it brings to your mission?

As you know BE-Basic strives to promote sustainable biorenewable initiatives and new biobased technologies. We decided to publish BIOHubNL because it is an inspiring new marketing tool that can complement our more traditional mission booklet while helping us cut down on paper use.

What has your experience working with our team been like?

Fantastic! imgZine’s work has been truly amazing, the team has managed to produce a great product on short notice in a very brief amount of time.

Download BIOhubNL for your iOS or Android device to learn more about the trade mission and stay tuned with the latest developments in biotech.

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