Bergman Clinics started using our internal communications platform to provide personal news for their employees

Hester Gras

Time to let some champagne bottles pop! Yet another large Dutch company started using our smart internal communications platform in order to provide personal news for their employees. Bergman Clinics is a medical organization with 23 locations in The Netherlands. Now the “Bergman Team” platform is online, Bergman Clinics is able to reach over 700 employees with relevant news!

Bergman Clinics’ employees are mostly medical specialists providing health care to 80.000 patients a year. The organization is characterized as the largest network of focus clinics for planned medical care in the Netherlands, specialized in a limited number of common treatments, guaranteeing expertise and experience that lead to excellent outcome of these treatments.

You can imagine Bergman Clinics’ employees have limited access to computers and thus the intranet. By bringing all their internal communications to a mobile platform and webapp, Bergman Clinics is able to reach a much larger employee audience.

Organizational news made personal

Besides the corporate news channel, Bergman Clinics enables each division, clinic and (soon) department to create their own content. So, not only the communications department is telling stories that matter. This way internal news already is becoming personal. By going through a wizard, the employee defines the news he is interested in, resulting in one personalized channel with only relevant information. Furthermore, employees can add news channels they are interested in, boosting the use of the app.
Part of the app is also the people finder; an easy way to connect with all colleagues.
The app is available on web, tablet and smartphone.

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