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Customer Engagement

Engaged customers = Loyal customers

The four P’s are no longer an effective model for marketing organizations. Instead, we are moving towards a more customer-centric approach on marketing. Mass media is challenged to reach customers effectively, while emerging channels and technology increasingly shift power away from brands. Today, customer-centric marketing is the new model for marketing effectiveness. But to make customer centricity real, marketers must implement best practices in metrics, culture, and technology. 
– Forrester (2007)

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• mobile customer interaction
• measurable, improved customer loyalty
• more return visits
• longer reading times

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What is customer engagement?

Forrester Research defines engagement as:
The level of involvement, interaction, intimacy, and influence an individual has with a brand over time. Forrester’s model sees the consumer progressing sequentially through these four stages, increasing their level of engagement at each step.

What is driving Customer Engagement?

For content owners to establish a long-term, meaningful relationship with your customers, content marketing is a superb way of driving Customer Engagement. Having a unique, informed perspective consisting of:

• premium / proprietary content
• best practices / solution content
• current awareness / expertise

that is useful and relevant to your audience, allows you to interact with your customers and build a long-term relationship that educates, inspires, provokes thought and fosters networking and engagement.

How can you improve customer engagement?

Informed customers are more engaged customers. ORTEC for Communications' Insights App helps companies improve customer engagement through content marketing by providing a highly standardized real time publishing solution.

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