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Improving Employee Engagement

How to improve employee engagement

Employee engagement is about the relationship between a company and its employees. As we explained in a blogpost, improving employee engagement is more important than ever. Engaged employees are motivated to work and want to be actively involved in a company’s success. A company with high employee engagement levels might therefore outperform companies that didn’t improve employee engagement.

Engaged employees work longer and have a better focus on organisational priorities than less engaged workers and are more productive. However, a company can only improve employee engagement when their organisation provides the support, tools and technologies they need. While mobile devices enable us to be connected anywhere and anytime, many companies still keep a distance between the  company and employees. Employees might feel less motivated because they want to know what’s going on in their company. A mobile enterprise app can therefore support companies in achieving their business goals.

Do you want to improve employee engagement?

Improving employee engagement isn’t a short-term project – you cannot start to engage employees and then drop the initiative, because this will create employee estrangement. With a mobile enterprise app, you can create an ongoing dialogue with your employees, while giving them the knowledge they need. Why would you wait to create a mobile internal communications strategy if there are mobile applications that help you improve employee engagement?

Discover the Relevance App
  1. STEP 1

    Share all internal and external news with employees, because they want to stay connected before, during and after work.

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  2. STEP 2

    Let employees share the latest news with colleagues and customers to create a social community with lots of interaction.

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  3. STEP 3

    Create and facilitate a dialogue on the personal devices of your employees, because they work more effectively and are more engaged using the technology they feel more comfortable with.

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  4. STEP 4

    Maximize the productivity level of your workers and give them the organisational knowledge they need to be effective.

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More info?

Feel free to download ORTEC for Communications' white paper named ‘How a mobile first strategy can improve employee engagement' to read the complete story on how internal enterprise apps can increase the engagement level of your employees.

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