imgZine makes strong commitment to the Greek labour market

Hester Gras

imgZine has made a conscious choice to support the Greek economy by hiring additional staff in its office in Heraklion. In this way imgZine tries in every way possible to support the local economy in the difficult times in which Greece currently lives.

Marijn Deurloo, CEO of imgZine: “Since the start of imgZine we have a very good connection with Greece. Our first employee in the Netherlands was a Greek person, and our first international office has been initiated in Heraklion, Greece. We at imgZine try to contribute to help build up the local economy by investing in Greek people.”

imgZine has grown enormously in the past three years. The Dutch tech start-up works for multiple national and international large financial corporates and public authorities. In addition to the office in the Netherlands, imgZine now has offices in Greece, Atlanta, Australia and the United Kingdom. Since 2014 imgZine invests in the office in Greece. This office has, in the meantime, become a development centre that employs ten persons.

Marijn Deurloo, CEO of imgZine: “We are very satisfied with our collaboration with our colleagues in Heraklion. When the idea arose to hire an additional senior backend developer last week to secure the growth of our company, we decided to write this vacancy for our office in Heraklion without any hesitation. It enables us to keep growing and investing here too, even in difficult times. We do not rule out the possibility of hiring more employees for the office in Heraklion in the future.” 

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