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imgZine is now

We have some big news for you….

From now on imgZine will continue as ORTEC for Communications. Our journey with ORTEC started a few years ago when imgZine became a part of ORTEC Group. Since then we became closer and closer so now the time is right to take our collaboration to the next level.

What does it mean for you?

At first sight it will only be a name change and you might not even notice a thing from the merger. We still have a start up attitude, which now will be complimented with some corporate powerrrr. But, with ORTEC on our side we are able to keep on innovating and developing groundbreaking software that will disrupt the comms industry.

This way we will combine the best of both worlds actually, as ORTEC is one of the world’s leaders in optimization software and analytics solutions. With ORTEC for Communications they added a data-driven communication solution to the product portfolio.

Does that mean the name imgZine will disappear?
You will encounter the name imgZine every once in a while since imgZine will be the name of our platform, ORTEC for Communications will be the brand.

Some practical info

  • If you are already following us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, great job! You can still gain the latest trends, insights and developments on internal communications and mobile technology through our current social media channels. If you’re not, don’t miss out, hit that follow button as fast as you can!
  • We switched e-mail addresses. Your contacts might already have contacted you with their new e-mail addresses. If not; they probably will soon. Don’t worry if you send an e-mail to our old e-mailaddresses; this will be forwarded. Our new company e-mail address for al regions is:
  • In order to get the ORTEC feeling, we changed our brand identity and moved into another office in Amsterdam. From now on our office will be situated on: Condensatorweg 54, 1014 AX Amsterdam. Feel free to visit us for a coffee!

About ORTEC Group
ORTEC is one of the world’s leading companies in optimization software and analytics solutions. We make your business more efficient, more predictable and more effective. Turning complex challenges into easy-to-use solutions. We serve clients in almost every industry. And with offices strategically located across the continents, we can deliver solutions on a global scale. Always underpinned by local know-how and service.

Optimize Your World
Our mission is to optimize your world using world class mathematics and engineering. With our mathematical models, sophisticated optimization software and analytical skills, we can optimize all your business processes; the key to sustainable success in a challenging world.

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