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Digital Workplace. Social intranet app.
Whatever you name it,
ORTEC Relevance App:
more than a
social intranet

Digital Workplace: Social intranet. Collaboration tools. Knowledge sharing. Corporate news.
Documents and administration tools. And more.

Everything your employees need to do their work, in their pocket and always available.
One click away with Single Sign On.

It can be difficult to reach and engage with your non-desk employees. Some companies still focus on outdated channels that don’t fit communication goals, such as (unsafe) local chat groups and hardcopy newsletters. If so, a huge group is missing out on vital company information. In the current era of digitisation and inclusion, speed and information provision are essential and companies should provide their employees with the right resources.

With a mobile app you can reach your employees always and everywhere, quickly, safely and effectively

Mobile first for
non-desk employees

Reach and engage non-desk employees. Deliver relevant information and connect via your corporate branded app. You can use one channel for all news, information and collaboration. Enable two-way communication by polls and questionnaires, and connect realtime with your complete workforce. Inside the office and with non-desk employees

Your own
branded app

The design of your app is completely adjusted to your company’s branding guidelines. Via the white label native app, you always communicate in the style of the company. Be recognisable for your employees, regardless of where they work geographically 

Enable two
way communications

Drive interaction with your employees with polls, surveys, comments and integrated social networks.

Tailor made to
fit your needs

Do you want a news carrousel? One news channel, or rather different channel behind tiles? Do you like a room- or hour booking options, or maybe an e-learning environment? A full Digital Workplace, tailor made to your organisation’s needs.

Grows with your organisation

An automatic subscription for every new employee can be enabled, due to ADFS-connection. You can subscribe and delete employees to your needs.

Enable two
way communications

Drive interaction with your employees with polls, surveys, comments and integrated social networks.

Push notifications

Via the dashboard you can quickly send a push notification to all the users of your platform or only to a particular group of users.

Form suite

Get meaningful employee feedback in under five minutes by creating a simple feedback form, poll or questionnaire!

People finder

Encourage collaboration at work by integrating all contact details of employees in your platform.


Users can give feedback on articles through comments. This is shown below the article. Users can also comment on comments of others.

Social media

Our platform supports features such as comments, ratings, forms, polls and content sharing via email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Yammer. They can be enabled or disabled according to your needs.

Advanced statistics

Sharing news is one thing, but you also need to know what works and what doesn’t. Our analytics show general statistics such as the number of visitors and visits, top channels and articles but also more in-depth information like in-app behaviour and content-related insights.

Branded design

The graphical design of the platform can be adjusted completely towards your company’s design style and brand guidelines.

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Enhance the power of email by sending branded internal newsletters composed via one easy to use platform.

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Broadcast your message to your employees via screens in the working area. A pro-active way to boost your reach.

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Allow employees to experience reading an interactive news platform at their desk.

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