Survey: content marketing crucial for brands

Hester Gras

Content marketing is becoming more and more important for brands and agencies. According to a MailOnline survey of more than 600 brands and marketing agencies about two-thirds of each group say that branded content marketing has become crucial to their marketing mix. 70% of brands and 77% of agencies have used branded content marketing for advertising purposes in 2012.

Branded content is perceived to be one of the most effective branding tactics, says MailOnline. 72% of the brands say they have increased their spending on it in the past year, and 69% plan to pour more money into branded content in the coming year. Agencies similarly report increased spending by their clients: 71% say their clients have spent more on branded content in the past year, and 73% expect more spending in the next year.

For imgZine the rising importance of branded content seems a great opportunity. About 70% of the brands said they distribute branded content in digital media beyond their own website or emails.

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