Introducing data driven Internal Communications

Tineke van Bakel

If you don’t measure, you don’t matter. A pretty strong statement for sure but, nothing could be less true. In the world of Internal Communications, we mostly trust on our gut feeling. But what if you could make better decisions when you prove them by using data. In the long term you could optimize the way you work and create better reach than ever before! Data science in an alpha world is a non-explored world for…

ORTEC wins 1st prize in global recommender contest


Do you like that t-shirt? Then you might be interested in these jeans too. Companies like Amazon and Google are well known for their evaluation and recommendation methodologies. In order for universities to test their algorithms on the scale of such commercial parties, NewsREEL organized a global contest and.. ORTEC won the first prize!

Vacancy: Full-stack Developer

Tineke van Bakel

As a Full-stack developer at ORTEC you will be part of a unique organization and team! We are currently seeking a full time full-stack developer to join our team! Come and talk to us for an exciting opportunity at ORTEC For Communications in Amsterdam. You will work with a team of international developers and designers on creating…

Vacancy: Lead Generation Specialist

Tineke van Bakel

Become the most important person between a lead and a deal! As a Lead Generation Specialist your aim is to guide leads through the marketing funnel and gently nudge them towards being sales ready. You will be working in two different teams, ORTEC for Communications and ORTEC Logistics, in our company supporting both marketing and sales….

Alignment – Building bridges in a corporate organization [WHITE PAPER]

Tineke van Bakel

Ready, set, action! Time to kick off our special on one of Internal Communications’ most debated issues, Alignment. We already discussed some alignment basics in our Employer Branding special . In this white paper, we will delve into this further and unravel all you need to know about Alignment: – Why Alignment is key to increase…

Fostering Alignment as an Internal Communications Manager [ALIGNMENT SPECIAL]

Tineke van Bakel

Who is ultimately responsible for creating Alignment in your organization? We believe it’s not one department or person. It’s not only the responsibility of an Internal Communications manager. In fact, everyone, from the CEO to service employees, is involved in the creation of Alignment. As Zac Efron in High School Musical once preached: “We’re all…