Nudging, changing behaviour through internal communication [WHITE PAPER]


Ever walked down the street and saw printed footsteps on the ground that guided you to the trash cans? Or ever went to the supermarket and only saw promotion for healthy food? If the answer is yes, you have been nudged! Nudging is all about making a change that will be so intuitive that it’ll…


What You Need to Know about Employer Branding [EMPLOYER BRANDING SPECIAL]


While there might be many still out there who consider branding as solely a marketing activity, the reality is that the growing importance of internal in relation to external has reached critical momentum. We’re now at the point at which one can fairly argue that to ignore bringing the brand alive with your internal audience…


10 practical tips to boost employee wellbeing


Happy employees are more productive and more likely to spread the word on your organization’s success. Earlier this week, we posted a blog on why employee wellbeing should be on the agenda of an Internal Communications Manager. Today, we’ll give you 10 secrets on pursuing employee wellbeing. 1. Increase employee happiness Earlier research has shown three levels…

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Why to pursue employee wellbeing in your enterprise


Employee engagement, employee happiness, employee wellbeing; all are popular themes and often thrown around interchangeably. However, they have a different meaning and approach. Let’s walk you through the term employee wellbeing and read more about why it should be a topic on your Internal Communications agenda. Employee wellbeing participates in employee engagement Employee wellbeing is related to…

Blog-Employee journey

Employee engagement starts with mapping out the employee journey


Increasing employee engagement and creating more alignment within your organization seems to be more important than ever. But, in order to do so one must have insight on what is really going on. The first step to increase employee engagement is gaining insight on the employee journey. Why design the employee journey? As said, designing…