Tineke van Bakel

Now that we know what the term employer branding implies and why alignment is necessary, it’s time to take a look at some KPIs. On the one hand, it will not only strengthen your internal communications strategy to have some set goals with respect to your employer brand, but it will also enhance your chances…


Alignment is the secret ingredient for a succesful internal communications strategy [EMPLOYER BRANDING SPECIAL]

Tineke van Bakel

Alignment should be your mantra in everything you do as an internal communications professional. Orchestrating alignment between your different target groups, communicating a consistent storyline to point every head in the same direction – these are also the keys to effective employer branding. As such, employer branding is not only an important topic for internal…


10 practical tips to boost employee wellbeing

Tineke van Bakel

Happy employees are more productive and more likely to spread the word on your organization’s success. Earlier this week, we posted a blog on why employee wellbeing should be on the agenda of an Internal Communications Manager. Today, we’ll give you 10 secrets on pursuing employee wellbeing. 1. Increase employee happiness Earlier research has shown three levels…