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Employee engagement starts with mapping out the employee journey


Increasing employee engagement and creating more alignment within your organization seems to be more important than ever. But, in order to do so one must have insight on what is really going on. The first step to increase employee engagement is gaining insight on the employee journey. Why design the employee journey? As said, designing…

Blog employee engagement myths

Top 5 myths about employee engagement


Every now and then they pop up again; stories on how to drive employee engagement and the do’s and don’ts. People often refer to how they are used to working but, the tides have changed. Although there are no set rules on how to deal with employee engagement, some stories are just not true. So,…

Internal communications platform

How to start with developing an internal communications platform


While optimizing internal communications at large companies we see all kinds of industries, strategies and cultures. The struggles they deal with are logically different but, there are some similarities as well. That’s why it’s good to set some basics, things to consider when you are about to develop an internal communications platform. Let’s walk you…

Using webinars for internal communication


Be honest, what is more likely: opening an e-mail with a shitload of information, numbers and attachments which have been designed extremely dull or watching a video or other visual content. You’d probably go for the visual content. Over the past few years our information consumption has moved from actually reading large amounts of text…