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The Importance of Internal Comms and Employer Branding at BG Group during the Merger with Shell [INTERVIEW – EMPLOYER BRANDING SPECIAL]

Tineke van Bakel

Since the merger with BG Group, Royal Dutch Shell has become the world’s largest oil and gas company. A strong brand with a universally recognized logo. During the merger, internal communications was key in order to maintain engagement among employees. In an exclusive interview with Paul Osgood, former Global Head of Internal Communications at BG…


3 questions about Employee Engagement to Nathalie Soeteman [INTERVIEW]

Tineke van Bakel

Next week, Wednesday 23 November, we are hosting an executive Round Table on Employee Engagement. This event will be all about increasing employee engagement from an internal communications perspective. In preparation of the event we asked our chairwoman of the day, communication and engagement expert Nathalie Soeteman, 3 questions to introduce the topic. Why should…