A brilliant Employer Branding campaign: well done Heineken!

Tineke van Bakel

Nominate one company worldwide known for inspiring out of the box marketing campaigns! Probably one of world’s largest beer brewery will pop up: Heineken. And once again they surprised us. This time by their “GO Places” campaign. Thereby not only fulfilling HR purposes, but also make current employees proud they are part of this fun…

The Importance of Internal Comms and Employer Branding at BG Group during the Merger with Shell [INTERVIEW – EMPLOYER BRANDING SPECIAL]

Tineke van Bakel

Since the merger with BG Group, Royal Dutch Shell has become the world’s largest oil and gas company. A strong brand with a universally recognized logo. During the merger, internal communications was key in order to maintain engagement among employees. In an exclusive interview with Paul Osgood, former Global Head of Internal Communications at BG…



Tineke van Bakel

Now that we know what the term employer branding implies and why alignment is necessary, it’s time to take a look at some KPIs. On the one hand, it will not only strengthen your internal communications strategy to have some set goals with respect to your employer brand, but it will also enhance your chances…


Alignment is the secret ingredient for a successful internal communications strategy [EMPLOYER BRANDING SPECIAL]

Tineke van Bakel

Alignment should be your mantra in everything you do as an internal communications professional. Orchestrating alignment between your different target groups, communicating a consistent storyline to point every head in the same direction – these are also the keys to effective employer branding. As such, employer branding is not only an important topic for internal…