Vacancy: Full-stack Developer

Tineke van Bakel

As a Full-stack developer at ORTEC you will be part of a unique organization and team! We are currently seeking a full time full-stack developer to join our team! Come and talk to us for an exciting opportunity at ORTEC For Communications in Amsterdam. You will work with a team of international developers and designers on creating…

Vacancy: Lead Generation Specialist

Tineke van Bakel

Become the most important person between a lead and a deal! As a Lead Generation Specialist your aim is to guide leads through the marketing funnel and gently nudge them towards being sales ready. You will be working in two different teams, ORTEC for Communications and ORTEC Logistics, in our company supporting both marketing and sales….

Thank you 2016, you were awesome!!

Tineke van Bakel

Wow is it the end of the year already? Doesn’t feel like it, does it? It was an eventful year with many highlights. Check out the most remarkable ones! imgZine is now called ORTEC for Communications In July we embraced a new company name, ORTEC for Communications. Our journey with ORTEC started a few years…

The fundamental rights of a data point

Pieter Bons

Every age has its valuable commodities: salt, ivory, silk, spices, opium or oil. In the 21st century the most valuable commodity to possess is data. Data allows us to understand how your processes work and you can even predict what’s going to happen in the (near) future. This sounds great! We can make our processes…