Introducing data driven Internal Communications

Tineke van Bakel

If you don’t measure, you don’t matter. A pretty strong statement for sure but, nothing could be less true. In the world of Internal Communications, we mostly trust on our gut feeling. But what if you could make better decisions when you prove them by using data. In the long term you could optimize the way you work and create better reach than ever before! Data science in an alpha world is a non-explored world for…

The fundamental rights of a data point

Pieter Bons

Every age has its valuable commodities: salt, ivory, silk, spices, opium or oil. In the 21st century the most valuable commodity to possess is data. Data allows us to understand how your processes work and you can even predict what’s going to happen in the (near) future. This sounds great! We can make our processes…

Fog Computing

Is Fog Computing the next Cloud Computing?

Tineke van Bakel

We’ve just gotten used to Cloud Computing; internet based computing that enables enterprises to reach business data on demand. By the arrival of Cloud Computing we got to know the IoT, the internet of things. The IoT is producing enormous amounts of data. So much that the cloud servers we rely on might not be able…


How wearables can be useful for your enterprise

Tineke van Bakel

Wearables are most known in the world of health and sports but they can be useful for your enterprise as well. They could go a long way in increasing productivity and profitability. It’s only a matter of time your employees will all wear something that collects data. So let’s check some facts about this trend. What’s…


Are biometrics the future for mobile security?

Tineke van Bakel

Could you imagine using your DNA for authentication on your mobile device? Think twice, because biometric authentication will be the future of mobile security. In fact, it is already being used; software can recognize our voice or face. The popularity of mobile biometrics is increasing so fast that it’s only a matter of time that…

Narrowcasting internal communications

Narrowcasting as a part of your internal communications strategy

Tineke van Bakel

As an internal communication professional you probably struggle with the following issue: how do I make sure my message is read by my employees? And which channel is the right one? A channel which is under-exposed up to now is narrowcasting. But narrowcasting has many benefits when it comes to internal communication and can become…