The 10 commandments on driving employee engagement

Hester Gras

Driving employee engagement has become one of the main goals of the internal communications or HR department. Research has shown that enterprises with highly engaged employees have increased retention, revenue, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. It’s about time to walk you through some practical tips on how to drive employee engagement; the 10 commandments on driving employee engagement.

1. Create a healty work-environment

Providing a healthy environment has many benefits; it will increase productivity and engagement in the workplace so is proven by multiple scientific studies. There are many ways to do so:
– Present fruits and vegetables in a place everybody can easily acces
– Emphasize work-life balance
– Organize a yearly welness day at work when for example everybody can get free massages, healthy juices and meals

2. Keep your employees up to date with ‘inside’ information

Employee engagement is all about creating a certain level of involvement and commitment. In order to do so you have to give them the information they need to do their job in a proper way. But, giving them more ‘inside’ information will increase commitment even more. For example: tell them about the challenges the MT is facing or present the companies strategic plans.

3. Have fun together

It’s very important you allow your employees to have fun in the workplace but, outside of the office as well. So, plan a half day off to do some team building. For example: play sports outdoor or try to find your way out of an escape room. Or organize a monthly American foodparty.

4. Set SMART goals for your team

Setting SMART goals and making sure you reach them as a team. This will make your team feel proud. Reaching teamgoals together is a huge employee engagement driver.

5. Pursue knowledge growth of your employees

You shoudn’t stop training and coaching your employees after the on-boarding process. It is way more effective to keep on investing in knowledge growth. Allow employees to join trainings or studie besides their daily job. Remember: more knowledge will only lead to good things for your company.

6. Gain insight on your individual team qualities

Each individual’s talent makes a contribution to reaching the teams goal. Find out all about your teams 4 I’s:
– Integrity
– Initiative
– Individual talents
– Invaluable diversity

7. Take your social responsibility

Show the world you care about the community and take your social responsibility. Organize an annual volunteering day so employees get out of the office and participate in community service.

8. Optimize your communication

In today’s workforce we have innumerable options to communicate with our internal and external stakeholders. No wonder you might get lost in the jungle of communication tools. Some tips to optimize your communication:
– Make sure every tool for internal communication has its own purpose and goal
– Ban e-mails for a day – this way people are forced to communicate in real life
– Allow employees to give feedback – via a frequent survey, jerk mailbox or open office hours

9. Drive employee engagement through gamification

You can use gamification for instance to increase sales performance, accelerate employee development or to boost employee collaboration. Read more about gamification. 

10. Reward personal wins

Create a culture where people’s individual wins are being rewarded during friday afternoon drinks or another fun celebrations. They will need that special time to know your appreciate their hard work.

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