Why Internal Communications?

Hester Gras

For years, internal communications was overlooked and not a desired role within the company. Nowadays, more and more companies hire IC practitioners, or even complete teams. Internal marketing & communications is becoming more important, but it is still by far not the same as external. Some companies still say: why is an IC team so important, can’t I just hang up a newsletter in the coffee corner? There is only one answer to that: no, not as your main communication channel.

The way employees work is shifting: how they do their work, when, where, and why. It is not only new generations taking over the workforce. They would like continuous feedback and more purpose in their work. They like freedom and work-life balance is more important than ever. If they want to work out in the morning and execute their work in the evening, this should be possible. Thus, it is important that systems are accessible from everywhere. It is also the way work is executed: more and more we work digitally. We are used to using our mobile phone or laptop for everything we do. From communicating to doing our groceries from our couch.

As no person is the same, not every company is the same. However, there are many problems and challenges that can be detected, across countries and industries. Decide your goal in internal communications and Digital Employee Experience (DEX), and seek what solution fits for you, your team, and your company. Here are the 8 main reasons to reach your Internal Communications goals:


  • Alignment to common goal: make sure every employee has the same knowledge and idea where the company is going and why
  • The need of purpose: let your employees know where the company stands and how they contribute to this goal individually
  • Continuous feedback: as millennials are getting more the norm in companies, continuous feedback and instant contact is ‘the new standard
  • Avoid high turnover and attract new talent: increase employee engagement with internal communications
  • Outside in: information travels fast, be there first who tells your employees the truth
  • Global and local KPIs: raise your voice as manager and communicate with your cultural habits via personalised information
  • Enable three-way conversation: not only send, but listen, and let them talk to each other
  • Happy employee = happy customer: your employees radiate how they think about the organisation

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