176 million people addicted to apps

Hester Gras

For millions of people around the world apps have become a part of their daily life. Many of them have become addicted to this easy way of accessing information or entertainment on their mobile device. According to research by ad platform and analytics company Flurry, 176 million people use apps more than 60 times a day. That is an astonishing growth of 123% compared to March 2013.

Photo: ANP, Koen van Weel
Photo: © ANP, Koen van Weel

Flurry analyzed the use of more than 500,000 apps across 1,3 billion devices. On average, a consumer launches apps 10 times a day. The group of hard core users, the real ‘addicts’, do that at least 6 times as much. There is also a big group of ‘super users’, 440 million people,  that use apps 16 to 60 times per day. This group has grown with 55% the past year. ‘Regular users’ are by far the biggest group: 784 million people, 23% more than in 2013. They use apps less than 16 times per day.

Notably, women are more frequent users of apps than men. The real mobile addicts are 52% female and 48% male. With the average users it is exactly the other way around: 48% female and 52% male. This 8% difference overall seems insignificant, but it means that in the group of 176 million mobile addicts there are 15 million more females than males.

You can find more interesting details about the research of Flurry, such as age differences, in this blogpost.


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