20 million European smartphone owners also have a tablet

Hester Gras

In the five biggest countries of the EU, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK, there are now 130 million people that own a smartphone, according to research by comScore. The smartphone penetration in these five countries has grown to 53.7% in the three month average ending September 2012. Out of this smartphone audience, more than 20 million people (15.5%) also own a tablet, compared to only 9.3% last year. This 6.2 percentage point increase demonstrates the rapid growth of tablet adoption across Europe, says comScore.

Looking at each of the EU5 countries, the UK is leading the way with 17.7% of their smartphone audience also owning a tablet, followed closely by Spain with 16.9%. Italy and France are on par with 15.1% tablet penetration among smartphone users, but Germany falls behind the EU5 average with only 12.8% of the smartphone audience owning tablets.

via comScore Datamine

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