3 Lessons learned at Mobile Convention Amsterdam

Hester Gras

Last Friday imgZine was attending the Mobile Convention Amsterdam organized by Emerce at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. While the sun outside was finally shining bright, our dedicated team was joining several sessions on the latest trends in mobile marketing, mobile enterprises and future payments. Let’s explore some lessons learned.

1. The Internet of Things is taking life to a new level

Mobile devices are acting as an orchestrator for smart appliances, lights, locks and more. We have been embracing the IOT for a couple of years now but, in a few years more and more devices will be optimized for using the IOT in our daily lives. Josh Rocklin, Chief Executive Officer at Xtify (part of IBM), showed a device that operates like a personal assistant. It works with voice recognition technology and tells you what time your flight will depart, what’s on your grocery list and has access to your music library. But, she can also book your favorite hotel or recommend a restaurant you would like, based on your preferences and recently booked places.

2. Focus on Generation Z / Millennials

Today’s organizations and workplaces are mainly focussed on Generation X (born between 1956 – 1985) and Generation Y (born between 1986 – 2000). A big mistake according to Ian van Hove, WEMEA Program manager mobile solutions at Amadeus. Generation Z is the target group of the future, why not focus on them now? Are you developing software or devices? Let a panel of generation Z kids test it. They are digital natives and can tell you straightforward if it has potential or not.

3. Show, don’t tell

This lesson learned is building up on no2. Millennials grow up with social media so your enterprise should be visual as well as said by Lenze Boonstra, Head of Global Marketing by Philips Personal Healthcare. He told us how to win the hearts of Millennials:

  • Don’t tell you’re the best, show you’re the best via photos/videos. Visual content is more likely shared by your target group
  • Be real
  • Inspire them where they are, own social focus on digital

Is your internal communications strategy already aligned with the latest trends? Are you looking for a solution that will exceed your expectations? Please, don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’d be happy to brainstorm with you.

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