4 key tips on how continuous listening could increase employee engagement

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In order to increase employee engagement one must have a starting point. Many enterprises measure employee engagement with an annual survey. But, you might have some questions on how valid the results are. Are employees really telling you the truth on how they feel working at your company? To get the right numbers, you might want to dig deeper.

Continuous listening
Aon Hewitt reported on a movement called ‘continuous listening’ in their annual employee engagement trend report 2016. Understanding and optimizing employee experience is nowadays more important than ever before.

A continuous listening strategy means you will gather feedback and take action across the entire employee lifecycle. It might start by the job application process and a new employee’s first days. It continues with frequent surveys and performance conversations. When an employee is leaving the company the lifecycle ends with an exit survey to understand why someone is leaving.

Let’s explore some key tips on how continuous listening could increase employee engagement.

1. Be fully engaged yourself

Practice what you preach. Being engaged will work contagious. It really are the small things that matter. For instance: pay attention while joining a conversation. When talking to your employees don’t let your attention flow to other things you might have to do that day. If something else is on your mind, like an e-mail you have to answer, let your conversation partner know, do what you need to do and let them know when you are ready to listen.

2. Imagine their point of view

Whether you agree with an argument or not, it’s important to them. Sometimes the only thing an employee needs is someone who listens to them. Make an effort by imagining where they are coming from and why. Employees will appreciate the effort you made to really hear them.

3. Think beyond organizational borders

The annual survey is so crusted in many companies’ culture that it might seem hard to break boundaries. But, in order to keep track of how employee engagement is developing you should expand your measuring tool kit. You might want to consider these tools:

  • after application process surveys and discussions
  • polls on your mobile internal communications platform
  • performance conversations
  • monthly consultation hours

4. Grow your curiosity

Curiosity is a congenital quality we’ve lost while growing up. But, when you’re able to get your curiosity back you will see conversations become learning opportunities. You will discover and learn something new on a daily basis.

So, are you already measuring employee engagement? Or are you struggling with increasing employee engagement? We’d be happy to brainstorm with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us! 



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