5 questions that leaders who want to attract and retain existing talent should ask themselves

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The Emerging Markets HR Summit 2015 will take place on November 11-13, 2015 in London. This interactive event for global HR leaders covers the latest trends on HR and the global economy. During the event, Gyan Nagpal (CEO of PeopleLENS Global Associates and bestselling author of Talent Economics) will give a one-day master class on ‘The Building Blocks of Emerging Markets Talent Strategy’.  Last week, he shared 3 current global trends. In this post, he explains how these trends will change the way organisations attract talent.

5 QUESTIONS THAT LEADERS WHO WANT TO ATTRACT AND RETAIN EXISTING TALENT SHOULD ASK THEMSELVES gyanGyan Nagpal: “If we agree that the education, employment and retirement continuum is no longer a linear “cradle to grave” construct, then several tools for managing this reality are increasingly proving redundant. Job descriptions or guidelines used for hiring are one such example. Hiring managers often write these as a reflection of their own experiences, ignoring the fact that we are entering an era where the emphasis should be less on ready competence and more on transferrable skills.”



The 5 questions leaders who want to attract and retain talent must ask themselves are:

  • Do we really need an FTE (Full Time Employee) for this, or are their other avenues to access capability with greater flexibility, speed and value?
  • If we do need FTE, what unconventional entry points can we experiment with, which give us access to more diverse candidates?
  • How can we strip out all “nice to have” criteria from our position guidelines, and focus them purely on non-negotiables? For example- ask yourself if a degree in business, or 5 years in a similar role are really needed for middle and junior jobs. In most cases, they aren’t.
  • How are we going to accelerate internal mobility; taking more bets on good people we know, and at the same time making our existing talent feel valued, refreshed and challenged?
  • What mechanisms do we need to help existing and new talent retool quickly and efficiently?

Join the Emerging Markets HR Summit

Do not miss the opportunity to join Gyan Nagpal’s one-day Masterclass at the Emerging Markets HR Summit and  build your talent foresight. The course covers practical tools, which are applicable across emerging and developed markets. Other leading HR keynote speakers at the Emerging Markets HR Summit include representatives  from Coca-Cola, Essar Group, ING and many more.





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