5 Tips for Marketing your Digital Magazine

Marijn Deurloo

Real time social magazines can be powerful tools to engage with your target audience, but how do you get people to download your magazine in the first place? In this post, we’ll walk you through some basic marketing tips that will help you boost your readership numbers. Let’s get started!

Prepare for an awesome launch

A winning launch can be crucial to the success of your magazine app, but you should think of your launch as a process – not as a single “big-bang” event. Start by defining a set of goals weeks before your actual release. Think about the number of downloads you want to attain in the first month, for instance.

Then, find out which publications can help you create exposure for your app and prepare your press list and PR material in advance. Focus on creating great content and appealing visuals to accompany your press release.

Approach a small number of journalists at least 2 or 3 days before launch to gain media attention on the big day. Pick a good distribution service for your press release, send it out to your press list and publish it on your website. Make sure to share it on email newsletters and social media to broadcast your application’s launch.

Get reviews

Your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop the minute your app gets released. You’ll need to keep people interested and raise awareness as you go. You can do this by submitting your app for reviews at relevant blogs and asking customers to leave their feedback on your app store page.

Take your best reviews and place them on your app’s landing page and other marketing material you’re using to promote your app. You should also ask your customers to post their reviews on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages to build some buzz on social media.

Promote your magazine across your online channels

Leverage all of your communication channels to promote your magazine app on a regular basis. Create permanent placements to feature it on your homepage, making sure to link to your app store page.

If your magazine is relevant to your newsletter subscribers, include download buttons and news bits about your app on your emails.

Post regular updates about your app on social media and engage with your app’s users to increase word of mouth.

You should also think of creative ways to market from the magazine itself. imgZine helps you do this by incorporating social sharing features into your magazine app, but you can always increase virality by producing content that simply begs to be shared.

Create a demo video for your magazine 

Videos are a fantastic tool to build your magazine’s visibility online. A demo video should convey what your magazine app is all about in 60 seconds or less. Focus on the app’s unique benefits, features and look and feel.

Embed the video on your website and share it on all your other marketing channels. If you use Gmail, you can even embed the video on your email signature.

Learn from your readers

Data is key to enhance your marketing efforts. The better you know your audience, the easier it will be to reach and retain them. Study what kind of content your users read most, what kind of content gets shared the most and which social networks your readers are most active in.

Build on this knowledge to tailor your content to your readers’ interests and target your magazine app’s marketing more effectively. Evaluate performance across your marketing channels and invest more time on the ones that deliver the best results.

Did you find these tips helpful? Got promotion tricks of your own? Tell us more in the comments!

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