5 tips on increasing user in-app time spend and user retention

Hester Gras

BI Intelligence’s report shows that the total number of apps we are using hasn’t changed much over the last few years. However, users are spending more and more time with their three most favourite apps. For marketers it becomes more important to focus all their efforts on increasing user in-app time spend and user retention. Find out more about the different tactics and tips here!

According to BI Intelligence, US app users downloaded 8.8 apps on average per month during 2014. During the usage of an app, the first three months are crucial. For companies this creates added pressure to gain and retain a loyal audience. But how do you gain and retain loyal users?


Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 15.43.221. Push notifications

Push notifications can increase engagement with your app and help increase conversions by nearly 10 per cent. You can engage mobile users via their mobile devices with the perfect content at the right moment. In a previous blog post, we shared 10 tips for developing an effective push notification strategy.



Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 15.43.292. In-app messages

To retain users who already have an app, in-app messages and offers are often effective. For example, a gaming app might push a message offering a one-time deal on extra lives so they will continue playing, and a news app could push a message offering a relevant news article so users will continue reading. Read more in our blog post on push notifications and in-app messages.


Free_mixed_numbers_texture_for_layers_(3041510366)3. Mobile analytics

Don’t just focus on app downloads but focus more on mobile analytics that help to increase app usage and retention. For instance, focusing on detailed (navigational) behaviour is critical to make decisions on how to improve the user experience over time. Read more about it in our previous blog post on mobile analytics, which shows how to make the most of your mobile measurements.


4. Mobile surveys

If you want to know what’s going on in the minds of your app users, surveys are an interesting possibility. While mobile surveys have never been easier, many companies also let respondents take part in regular online surveys. Read our blog post on the pros and cons of mobile and online surveys to decide which kind of survey is interesting for your app. Of course taking interviews are also well worth doing.


men-311308_6405. Personalisation

By making use of the opportunities that mobile offers, such as personalization, brands can improve the overall app experience. Messages can be targeted to individual consumers based on their interests, needs, preferences and reading behaviour. As research results on personalised channels show, data should be used to create engaging dialogues with customers when they are online and offline.

As it becomes more and more important for app marketers to focus on creating and retaining a loyal audience, push notifications, in-app alerts, mobile analytics, mobile surveys and personalisation are increasing in importance too. How do you do gain and retain loyal users?


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