8 key drivers of employee engagement

Hester Gras

WeSpire recently launched their annual report ‘The Evolution of Employee Engagement’, in which it examines how organisations engage their employees. They identify three emerging trends driving today’s engaged workplace: Engaged employees have great managers, provide transparent communications, and give employees choice in their work or let them collaborate on company outreach activities. Check out the key findings from the survey here!

The study findings show that engaged employees have managers that:

care about them

89% of very engaged employees feel like their manager cares about them, while only 28% of not at all engaged employees answered positively.

…frequently recognise them

74% of employees who are recognised daily are very engaged and the remaining 26% are somewhat engaged. 32% of employees who is never recognised is not at all engaged. However, the majority of employees are not recognised as frequently as they prefer.

…make their work feel meaningful

97% of very engaged employees feel like they are making meaningful contributions and have visibility into how their work is creating meaning, whereas only 52% of not at all engaged employees feel this way.

…communicate an employee engagement policy

A well-communicated employee engagement policy adds a layer of transparency between management and employees. That is why, in organisations with official employee engagement policies 55% of employees are engaged, whereas in organisations without official policies only 40% of employees are engaged.

Source: WeSpire - ‘The Evolution of Employee Engagement’ report.
Source: WeSpire – ‘The Evolution of Employee Engagement’ report.


…give access into corporate employee initiatives

62% of employees work for employers that provide greater visibility into the opportunities for employees in a company. Of those employees, 49% are very engaged, and 40% are somewhat engaged. In contrast, in organisations where there is a lack of awareness of opportunities (for instance, because opportunities are not communicated well and they take too much time to research), only 38% of employees are very engaged and another 38% are somewhat engaged.

…let employees choose their favorite social impact programs

Every employee is motivated by and interesting in something different, and when employees have more choices, they are more likely to get involved. Workers who are very engaged have an average of 2.92 social impact programs to participate in, whereas not at all engaged employees have an average of less than two social impact programs to choose from.

…stimulate dialogue at work

62% of employees are interested in learning more about the sustainability efforts of their co-workers and employer.

…encourage collaboration

While employees want to collaborate with one another on company outreach activities, 57% of respondents do not have a way to collaborate. 52% of employees who do have a method for collaboration are very engaged, and a further 39% are somewhat engaged.

Download WeSpire’s annual report on ‘The Evolution of Employee Engagement’ here to read more about the findings.


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