9 digital marketing predictions by Millward Brown

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Last week imgZine attended the annual Marketing & Insights event (MIE 2015) in Utrecht. With a total of more than 2,800 marketeers, strategists and researchers it is one of the biggest marketing events of the Netherlands. The event was hosted by NIMA and MOA, who were able to secure some great speakers to stage. One of them was Global Brand Director of Millward BrownDuncan Soutgate, who shared his digital media predictions and tips. Check it out below!

Digital Marketing Trends1. Second screen syncing brings multiscreen control

New second screen synchronised technologies offer great potential to amplify your own TV spend… to hijack that of competitors.

Tip: experiment with new synchronizing technologies to learn how they can work best for your brand.

Digital Marketing Trends2. Breaking down social and mobile silos

 The fragmented and competitive social & mobile landscape drives advertising innovation but brings with it inefficiencies and challenges.

Tip: Companies should develop coordinated strategies across social and mobile platforms and work with these publishers to prove their collective brand value in the overall media mix.

Digital Marketing Trends3. Big data focuses on big impact

 In 2015, marketing will experience a shift in focus from big data to streamlined intelligent data.

Tip: As William Ellery Channing said earlier: “It is not the quantity but the quality of knowledge which determines the minds dignity.”

Digital Marketing Trends4. Paid ads propel micro-video into the mainstream

Micro-video platforms will provide smart paid marketing opportunities but only brands who know, lead and love those platforms will succeed.

Tip: To win in micro-video as a paid channel, ensure your content is engaging, platform-relevant and makes every second count.

Digital Marketing Trends5. Digital advertising at 1: marketers get savvier about multi-generational multiscreen marketing

Optimize across devices by aligning branding objectives with learning about how screen usage varies by generation and contextual tasks.

Tip: Laptops are interesting for high-attention activities from over one hour. Phone users have a low attention span (their tasks could only take 0-5 minutes).

Digital Marketing Trends

6. Programmatic gets creative and increasingly contemplates brand

Programmatic advertising evolves by merging smart and engaging creative elements with existing media buying algorithms. However, many marketers will question whether programmatic optimization is damaging or enhancing brand building.

Tip: Don’t lose sight on the customer experience.

Digital Marketing Trends7. Consumer-focused location-based marketing rises

Location-based marketing opportunities are powerful when brands focus on consumers’ interests rather than on their own.

Tip: Ask how you can make their life better rather than just targeting them because you can. Location data helps to target more accurate.

Digital Marketing Trends8. Native more often gets it right

Savvy marketers can take advantage of native advertising by partnering with publishers offering best-in-class solutions.

Tip: Choose wisely!

Digital Marketing Trends9. Analog goes digital

Brands must leverage mobile-enabled connectivity coherently through every aspect of their marketing program (check out our post on the different touch points in the customer journey here).

Tip: To maximize ROI, exploit the use of digital technology to create simple, easy mobile interaction through all touch points.

According to Southgate, winning organizations in the digital age will court innovators, focus on digital, think collaboratively and see the big picture. Therefore, organizations need to review how well their business is structured for the digital age and incorporate a holistic approach.

Do you agree with these digital marketing trends told at the Marketing & Insights event (MIE 2015)? What do you feel is important for the world of tomorrow?

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