Backlog in mobile app development is hurting the enterprise

Hester Gras

Many companies struggle with the production of apps. So much even, that it is hurting their revenue. 60% of the bigger companies in the US and UK (between 500 and a 1000 employees) have a backlog of between 10 and 20 apps, according to research by Opinion Matters. The average app takes three to twelve months. This slow approach to app development is increasingly damaging revenue opportunities in the enterprise, says the report.

Organizations are struggling to deal with the deluge of mobile app requests. The biggest problem for them is the shortage of mobile app developers. Only 6% of enterprises say they have all the app development talent they need. Nearly 75% of the respondents in this research use 6 to 15 developers for mobile applications. Many companies feel that there is a gap in skills needed for mobile app development.

Generating revenue is he biggest priority for the majority of companies. Other important goals are to improve the mobile experience and customer experience.

Pharmaceutical, financial services and insurance are the most active sectors app development.

OutSystems has made a nice infographic of the result of the research (see below).

Mobile Backlog US 10-20-14

Photo above: © Hollandse Hoogte

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