The benefits of an enterprise news application

Hester Gras

Mobile apps can significantly increase the engagement level of employees, but to make this happen, workers need to be engaged with technology first. Several companies have emerged in recent years to help enterprises embrace new technologies in their communications mix. imgZine, for instance, started a mobile platform for enterprises which produces smart
 and real-time news apps based on existing content.

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The platform is inspired by the
 success of social magazines like Flipboard, Pulse and Zite, as well as traditional print magazines. for example, readers can personalize their application and add or remove channels and sources. imgZine’ s apps also recommend relevant and popular articles to users according to their preferences and reading behavior. This combination of social and personalized features translates into a more engaging experience for employees.

In sum, a mobile enterprise app enables companies to:

  • Let employees work effectively and securely on their own device (BYOD); they work more effectively using the technology they feel more comfortable with (source: Gartner).
  • Maximize the potential of engaged workers and give employees the knowledge and tools they need to be effective (source: Gallup).
  • Create and facilitate a dialogue to achieve greater performance, increased revenue and higher productivity (source: Gallup).
  • Involve employees in their company’s success, because they feel the need to stay connected and share news with colleagues and customers before, during and after work (source: Smile).

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