BYOD: important for the organization as a whole

Hester Gras

Today’s leaders cannot avoid bringing enterprise communications to mobile. Employees will often bring their own smartphone and tablet with them (BYOD), or companies will simply provide one or subsidize their purchase and use. Moreover, as employees spend more time with their own mobile device in and outside the office, it becomes more important for companies to ensure that they are able to work effectively and securely without putting customers or business data at risk. In this post, we will further discuss the BYOD movement.

Credits by: Hollandse Hoogte. Businessman checking smartphone outside meeting.
Credits by: Hollandse Hoogte. Businessman checking smartphone outside meeting.

By bringing enterprise communications to mobile, leaders can encourage all employees to use their own device while using a secure platform. This is important, because mobile devices will likely become the world’s primary Internet browsing tool by 2020.

Why is the BYOD movement so popular?

Mobile devices are becoming a popular device for a diversity of work purposes for two main reasons:

1)    Employees usually prefer to use their own device because they are often better than the devices provided by the company and they are able to use features that can improve their efficiency.

2)    Most people have an emotional attachment to their phones, and the feeling of being connected with others when they are on. When providing enterprise communications on mobile devices, employees might feel this emotional connectivity with their company as well.

Employees need to be engaged with technology

According to Gallup, “Mobile devices can be used to build a community where news, plans and other information can be shared among colleagues and is always available on everyone’s mobile device”. In addition, mobile devices offer multiple chances to grab the attention of workers while they are on the move to a customer, having a break or are waiting for someone at the office. Companies that positively engage their workers through a mobile application are able to reap a number of competitive advantages. The key to that advantage, however, is to ensure that employees are engaged users of the technology.

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