Cooperation DELA goes mobile first with ORTEC’s internal news app and celebrates its first milestone

Hester Gras

We’re proud to announce that we launched a beautiful internal news app for Cooperation DELA, a Dutch (funeral) insurance and real state company. The “DELA Voor Elkaar App”, which is available on smartphone and tablet (iOS or Android) provides around 1700 employees with relevant company news and substitutes the organizations intranet.

DELA’s employees work across 100+ different locations in The Netherlands. They’re on the go a lot and have limited access to PC’s and thus the intranet. By bringing all their internal communications to one mobile platform, DELA is able to reach a much wider employee audience.

Cooperation DELA already reached its first milestone!

Shortly after launching the internal news app, we didn’t even had time to write and post a blog about it, Cooperation DELA already reached its first milestone! Last month the internal news app reached a total of 18.000 visits. That’s well worth a celebration!

Completely personalized for each location

The app provides each of DELA’s locations with their own news channel. When opening the app, it automatically knows in which location the employee works. Based on this information, the app specifies the content displayed based on the location. However, employees can also choose to see news channels from other locations, deselect news channels they don’t want to see, and change the order in which the news channels are displayed. The app also has a ‘social channel’, which displays DELA’s Twitter- and Facebook messages.

Furthermore, the internal news app contains a ‘My Work Arrangement’ channel, which provides employees with their schedule(s) for the next day or week. Overall, the internal news app provides all Cooperation DELA’s employees with news and information in a completely personalized way.

The app is available on tablet and phone.

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