Could Pokemon GO be an employee engagement driver?

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It is the game everybody talks about at the moment and a movement we haven’t seen since the launch of the first iPhone. You could not have missed it. Suddenly everybody is out on the streets chasing magical creatures. Yes, we are talking about Pokemon GO. Let’s catch up on the hype and walk you through because it could be a huge engagement driver for your enterprise!

What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon started as a tv show that kept many children glued to the tube. The show is all about a boy named Ash and his journey to become worlds biggest Pokemon trainer. In order to do so he has to face some big challenges and he has to make some big decisions. After the tv show we had Pokemon play cards. They became a huge craze as well.

Now there is a game called Pokemon GO. Like the cards game, it is all about catching as many Pokemon as you can get and collecting them all.
You have to train and nurture them in order to make them more powerfull and gamers can battle against each other.

In contrast to other games, players now have to go outdoor to get further in the game. It is an augmented reality game and it makes use of a huge database of geotagged landmarks. So, while your walking to the grocery store you can encounter some Pokemon. This has lead to some entertaining stories about how people go to the weirdest places to play the game.

Pokemon GO in the workfore

You might think it has nothing to do with your enterprise. And that it is only a burden because your employees don’t have time to work anymore. Well maybe think twice. With the right approach Pokemon GO could be a huge employee engagement driver.

As recent research of AON shows one of the key employee engagement drivers is interaction with others. This could take place during the weekly friday afternoon drinks or lunch. But, when a game like Pokemon Go becomes as huge as it is right now. You could take this oppurtunity to turn it into an employee engagement driver.

Tips to turn Pokemon Go into an employee engagement driver

– Allow your employees to play Pokemon GO in the workplace. But, set some groundrules. For example: say your employees may play for a half hour during the day. Trust them, they will respect the rules.
– Join the game yourself! Whether you are the CEO of the company or a department manager. It’s a great way to interact with your employees and easier to begin the conversation if you have about a mutual passion
– Organize a Pokemon GO tournament between project teams and reward the winning team. Of course you can combine this with friday afternoon drinks or a workrelated gathering.

So, be creative and catch them all! Keen on finding out more on driving employee engagement? Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a brainstorm!

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