DNP: the first newspaper with personal subscriptions to journalists

Hester Gras

Dutch based Digital Second and imgZine today announced the launch of an innovative newspaper app: DNP (De Nieuwe Pers). The app has an unique business model. It is the first newspaper in the world that allows personal subscriptions to journalists. DNP, which ceased to exist as a printed free daily last year, offers quality journalism from specialized journalists.

Managing director Jan-Jaap Heij of DNP holding an iPhone with the new app (photo: Frank Groeliken)

DNP is starting with 12 journalists. Subscriptions to their articles are personal and interactive. Also a combined subscription to all journalists is possible. In the future DNP will offer subscriptions to more journalists and photographers and will start with the sale of separate articles. DNP uses imgZine, the platform for publishing real time (social) information on tablets and smartphones.

imgZine is the first app developer that facilitates subscriptions to digital content in a manner that meets the requirements of the consumer in 2013: flexible, fast and reliable. Besides the subscription model, the DNP app for iPad and iPhone offers some more unique features. The ‘live blog’ section for instance has the possibility to receive updates without resfreshing the page.

DNP has been partly made possibile with crowd funding. The founders have collected more than 20.000 euros from supporters. Some of them donated 250 euros and in return can be editor-in-chief of DNP for a week.

You can download DNP through this link (US App Store, iPhone and iPad).


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