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Mobile enterprise apps are an effective tool for organisations to increase employee engagement. In our white paper on employee engagement, we explain why: mobile enterprise apps allow sharing knowledge, communicating real-time news and connecting with your employees throughout the day. But we wouldn’t be a data-driven company if we didn’t support this with big numbers. How is employee engagement linked to the essential business results of your company’s financial success?


An organisation’s greatest asset is in its people, but in reality, this is only true when employees are fully engaged with their jobs (click on this blog post to read our definition of employee engagement). Moreover, success does not only depend on employees that deal directly with customers. Every worker is responsible for the customer experience. Research shows that employee engagement is strongly linked to business results that are essential to a company’s financial success. Work units in the top 25% of Gallup’s research database differ significantly from those in the bottom 25%.

Employee engagement's effect on key performance indicators: median differences between top- and bottom-quartile teams (Gallup 2013).
Employee engagement’s effect on key performance indicators: median differences between top- and bottom-quartile teams (Gallup 2013).

As these results show, companies with a critical number of engaged employees surpassed their competition, compared with those that did not maximize their employees’ potential. Low engagement levels saw no competitive advantages, and disengagement levels are even worse: for the U.S. alone, it is estimated that active disengagement costs $450 billion to $550 billion per year.

To sum up, engaged workers are most likely to drive the innovation, expansion and revenue that their organizations desperately need. Then why wait to jump on the mobile bandwagon if there are engaging mobile applications that help you achieve your desired business outcomes?

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