Enterprise apps have loyal users

Hester Gras

In a previous white paper, imgZine analysed two of its enterprise news apps (used for a company’s internal communications purposes) and compared these to imgZine’s external apps for enterprises and publishers. These external apps include imgZine’s insights apps, which are used by large enterprises to publish interesting market insights and content, and digital magazines and newspapers released by publishers. In this post, we will describe the app loyalty: how often do employees visit their enterprise app? The figure below shows app loyalty data for internal enterprise news apps, external enterprise news apps and publisher apps. While the last two categories appear to have similar percentages, these results are different for internal enterprise applications. Only a small percentage of users (20%) open the application only once and the retention rate is far higher than that of other applications. In fact, 32% of employees who start using the app seem to be loyal to their company app, visiting the app over 11 times.

App loyalty: how many times do employees visit their internal app?
App loyalty: how many times do employees visit their internal app?

As explained in a previous post, however, this trend isn’t surprising us. Employees want to feel connected to their company and know what’s going on. When employees are engaged in company processes, they feel they are an important part of the organization. By engaging employees emotionally and socially, employee efficiency and retention can be achieved. imgZine’s white paper, which contains more statistics on the mobile behavior of enterprise app users, shows that enterprise apps can definitely be the helping hand. Click here for more information about mobile enterprise apps, download our white paper or follow imgZine on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn for more facts and insights on enterprise apps.

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