imgZine goes to Greece with its smart mobile technology

Hester Gras

Strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Western Asia and Africa, Greece has many things to offer. The longest coastline on the Mediterranean Basin, a beautiful horizon and a strong history in literary forms like lyric poetry, history, and comedy. Lately, Greece has also become popular for other reasons. Tech start-ups are popping up like wildflowers and we are proud to announce that imgZine is one of them! Last week we opened a new office in Heraklion on Crete… but why Greece?

First of all, we aim to strengthen Greece’s position as a provider of technological goods and services, and create jobs in a fast-growing industry that is relevant internationally. Tech startups can be the key to producing new export products that can stimulate the country’s economy. As it is hard to innovate during a recession, imgZine wants to help.

Secondly, as we already have some great Greek employees in the Netherlands, we would love to work with other Greeks as well. While the economic crisis led to a remarkable increase in the numbers of highly educated Greek people over the last couple of years, many of them are still unemployed. By providing new jobs, we help both unemployed Greeks and the Greek export industry, while broadening our skills and knowledge to leverage engaging mobile apps.

Say hi to our colleagues in Greece!
European tech startups are in a great position to stimulate the Greek economy. At imgZine, we are looking forward to explore these possibilities. Together with our new Greek employees, we hope to create even more beautifully crafted mobile magazine apps, while providing new employment and creating extra value for the Greek export industry. PS. If you are in the neighbourhood, don’t hesitate and come say hi to our colleagues in Crete!

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