imgZine launches event app for Praktijkcongres Interne Communicatie 2015

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The Praktijkcongres Interne Communicatie 2015 will take place on April 14 in Bussum and imgZine is present. In fact, imgZine developed a beautiful app for the event! The event is for Internal Communicators to keep up with the latest trends in the internal communications industry. The purpose of the app is to keep all attendees up-to-date with the latest news before, during and after the event. Attendees can download the app on their smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android.

imgZine's event app for Cornerstone's Internal Communications event.

The event app contains articles, photos, slideshows, videos and the Twitter feed of the conference. When attendees open the app for the first time, they can create their own profile and fill in their name, organization name and interests. In the app, attendees can then put together their own program, read more information about the lectures and speakers and check out the event map. In addition, the app contains questionnaires, polls, and ratings and allows attendees to comment on articles. Finally, the organizers can send push notifications to the attendees.

About Praktijkcongres Interne Communicatie

The event covers insights and best practices from leaders in the industry on how to facilitate internal communications in your company. Topics include leadership, corporate silence, Factor C, storytelling, LEAN, social platforms, agile scrum, apps and serious gaming. In addition, the event’s speakers will give greater insight into the role of Internal Communications supervisors, address multiple coaching techniques and offer practical tips and tricks during clinics.

Meet up with imgZine

If you would like to connect and talk about (mobile) internal communications, we hope to meet you there! You can always send an email to

Feel free to download the app on iOS or Android or check the showcase here.


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