imgZine opens up new business opportunities for news agencies

Hester Gras

At the MINDS International conference in Vienna last week, imgZine presented a new proposition for the 20 attending news agencies. The idea is to combine forces in a partnership. imgZine can offer companies a great solution for an internal communications app,while the news agencies have the quality multimedia content to enrich the user experience.

The Dutch news agency ANP will be the launching partner for this new concept. The ANP can offer existing and new corporate clients the imgZine platform together with a wide choice of their news feeds, media monitoring service and clipping service. Of course the ANP can also produce custom content for the app.


In Vienna imgZine presented a prototype of a new internal corporate app which contains six news feeds from the ANP. This prototype is based on the internal app that is currently in use at ORTEC.

The reactions in Vienna tot the new concept were very positive, and several news agencies expressed their interest. In a declining media market news agencies are increasingly focussing on the corporate world. Many of them see the new concept of imgZine as a way to open up new business opportunities.

80 representatives of 20 news agencies attended the conference in Vienna. The MINDS meeting was totally dedicated to mobile. Under the title ‘Get Mobile’ several speakers stressed the importance of mobile in content consumption. The consensus was that mobile is becoming the number one platform and that this has great impact on the business of news agencies.

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