imgZine is proud to support Amsterdam, which took the 4th place in Global Cities Ranking 2014

Hester Gras

Last week, PwC published the report Amsterdam – A City of Opportunity. They compared thirty global cities to provide a holistic view on how successful cities thrive in sustainable urban development. Out of the 30 global cities studied, Amsterdam was found to be the fourth city on the list. The first three cities are as follows: London, New York and Singapore.

Three indicators determined the group of global cities in the study: they are capital market centres, with vibrant economies and a strong quality of life. The global cities were compared against a set of ten indicators:

  • Intellectual capital and innovation
  • Technology readiness
  • City gateway
  • Health, safety and security
  • Sustainability and the natural environment
  • Demographics and livability
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Economic clout
  • Ease of doing business
  • Cost

The results show that Amsterdam is 1st in health, safety, security and sustainability, 2nd in technology readiness, 3rd in city gateway, and 5th in intellectual capital and innovation.

Overall, at imgZine we are proud that we are able to represent and support Amsterdam as a tech start-up during events such as The Next Web Conference USA 2014 last week!

©Mark van Wengen 2014
©Mark van Wengen 2014

Read the complete report about Amsterdam as a city of opportunities here.

imgZine at The Next Web Conference USA 2014

Last month, imgZine was selected among a number of top-tier tech start-ups to participate in the Next Web Conference in New York. During this conference, imgZine shared the I amsterdam booth with three other Dutch start-ups (read more information here). It was a great event with very interesting talks and inspiring people. Although the event has come to an end, we are still excited to have been selected by The Next Web to represent Amsterdam at the I amsterdam booth.

Lastly, we want to congratulate Amsterdam with this great performance. Let’s move towards the overall number one position in global cities, especially in the technological industry!

Our colleagues from imgZine at The Next Web Conference USA 2014


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