imgZine releases internal news app for IBN!

Hester Gras

We’re delighted to announce that in imgZine released an internal news app at IBN, who offers employment opportunities to people distanced from the employment market. The app is developed to meet IBN’s needs to keep employees up-to-date with the latest company news. After all, a great company culture keeps employees involved, motivated and excited for the future of the business!

The IBN app provides the latest internal news and blog posts and contains articles, videos and presentations. In addition, IBN’s LinkedIn feed is visible in the app. A unique feature of the app is the “Inspiration house channel”, which is accessible to employees that attended to workshops and trainings by IBN. In this channel they can find their obtained performance, watch inspirational videos and check the PowerPoint presentations that were given.

Check IBN’s showcase to read more about the app.


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