imgZine releases new version of business app NLinBusiness

Hester Gras

Today, realtime magazine platform imgZine announced the release of a new and enhanced version of NLinBusiness, a free magazine for the iPad that offers Dutch business professionals the latest news in marketing, venture capital, management, technology and the global economy. In addition to the iPad update, imgZine introduced a brand new version of the magazine for the iPhone which includes support for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

As an entrepreneur, you strive to remain on top of any new developments in your industry and gain insight into innovative solutions that will help you keep your company in good shape. But sifting through an increasing daily stack of emails, employee memos and reports does not make it easier for you to scour the web in search for valuable information. That’s why in the beginning of 2012, imgZine collaborated with four of the largest publishers in The Netherlands to bring you NLinBusiness: a free iPad magazine that brings you the latest news in tech, marketing, venture capital and the global economy. Today, we’re proud to announce the release of an enhanced version of NLinBusiness for iPad, and a brand new version of the magazine for the iPhone which includes support for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

NLinBusiness is the initiative of four large publishers in The Netherlands and was first introduced in 2011. The magazine app pacakges content from Management Team, Sprout, Sync, OnzeEconomie, IEX, IEXProfs, FollowTheMoney, Adformatie, Tijdschrift voor Marketing and Skipr in a Flipboard-like experience.

Besides an overall performance upgrade, improvements to the iPad version include branded publisher pages, targeted ads and personalized news streams for readers to add their own social media channels, RSS-feeds and international publications – ranging from The Next Web to The Economist. The magazine’s customizable dashboard also allows users to add and remove news sources as well as fit them into categories to design their own content stream.

With this new release, publishers want to offer entrepreneurs an even better way to access the latest developments in their industry while demonstrating that cooperation in the publishing industry can lead to better distribution and innovation. “Users would rather have the content they like packaged in a single app instead of waiting for twelve different ones,”, said Ewald Smits co-founder and co-owner of Management Team. “You have to think from the readers’ perspective, not the content owners.” NLinBusiness is unique, being the first Dutch news app that is independent of any brand or publishing house. “Readers are looking for the best information out there and advertisers want to reach their target audience more efficiently. By collaborating, we are offering both parties a better proposition.”

The new version of NLinBusiness is now available in the App Store.

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