imgZine’s research on employee engagement featured by Loyalty 360

Hester Gras

Loyalty 360 today released its online digital magazine of January 2014 and imgZine is featured in the issue! Loyalty 360 is the think-tank that is committed to bringing loyalty to the forefront as a critical marketing strategy.  It is a trusted source for cutting-edge research, best practices, and network opportunities and gives expert insights and guidance in customer and employee engagement. The company helps readers who need to better understand loyalty and want to effectively engage their customers and employees and build stronger relationships with them.

As the provider of enterprise news apps, we delved into employee engagement
on mobile devices to identify the key benefits. Check out the introduction here:

The Benefits of Engaging Mobile Enterprise Apps
“Leaders often say employee engagement is fully integrated into their organization’s lexicon. This is actually quite different in practice. Only 13% of employees across 142 countries have expressed that they feel engaged in their jobs (Gallup 2013). While mobile enterprise applications offer a great opportunity to promote productivity and engagement, only a few companies are taking full advantage of the capabilities that mobile offers. ImgZine, a provider of social enterprise apps, delved into employee engagement on mobile devices to identify these key benefits.”

Do you want to know how mobile enterprise apps can increase your employee engagement? Read the rest of the article here!




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