Internal Communication Channels You Need with Employer Branding

Hester Gras

After talking about the why and the what, we’ve now come to the phase where we want to discuss the how. In our previous installment, we already discussed the roadmap in order to design the Employer Brand. Now, we’re going to be more specific and talk about the internal communication channels you need.

Earlier, we told you that the Employer Brand considers multiple target groups: potential employees, current employees and alumni employees. Each group requires its own communication channel(s). Since we’re specialized in optimizing internal communications, we’ll only discuss internal communication channels here. Keep in mind, however, that only a total Employer Branding strategy will lead to success.

Communication opportunities for Internal Communication

Research shows that the five most used internal communication channels are e-mail, electronic newsletter, town halls with senior leadership, line manager briefings, video and intranet (Newsweaver 2014, “Internal Communications: Emerging trends and the use of technology”).
Employees might be overwhelmed by the diversity and volume of messaging to which they’re exposed. This invariably leads to information overload. Therefore, important organizational news might not draw the attention you are aiming for.

In order to reach your employees at the right time with the right news via the right device, it’s most useful to have a single platform where all internal (and if preferred external) news channels can be managed together. In short: a multichannel internal communications platform. One platform from where the organization can distribute and manage news to employees via several communication channels and devices. From the employee perspective, they need to consult only one place in order to stay informed.

Corporate storytelling

Even though a platform like the imgZine platform is the responsibility of an internal communications manager, of course the communication created by other departments, such as Marketing and HR, have to live and breathe the same Corporate Story. Therefore, it’s necessary to create a collaborative approach where these different disciplines are aligned. As we said, alignment is the secret ingredient for a successful internal communications strategy.

Wondering how the world’s most famous companies are dealing with Employer Branding? Stay tuned! In our next installment, we talk to Phil Osgood, former IC manager of BG Group during the merger with Royal Dutch Shell. Make sure you don’t miss out.

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