International acclaim for NSS app

Hester Gras

We’re extremely proud! The app that was used during the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, developed by imgZine, has met international acclaim. Several countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, have shown interest in the app. The Dutch Secretary of State, Frans Timmermans, says this in a letter to the parliament.

AMSTERDAM - De NSS app van imgZine op een tablet. ANP KOEN VAN WEEL

The Nuclear Security Summit was the first ‘paperless’ international summit in the world. The app that was used during the conference contained all kinds of information, schedule updates and a GPS-linked map to guide visitors through the ultra-secure maze of buildings where the summit was being held. Frans Timmermans calls the summit and the use of the app ‘innovative’.

“Thanks to the NSS app delegates and press were always aware of changes. It was not necessary to distribute the program and closing statement on paper”, according to Timmermans.

The app for the Nuclear Security Summit was an idea of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. He had to send someone else at the last minute to attend the Seoul NSS in 2012. The Korean organization had to pulp and reprint 15,000 program booklets.

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