Introducing Duurzaam Journaal: news for a better world

Marijn Deurloo

This past Tuesday, Marjan Minnesma, director of the Dutch activist organization for sustainability and innovation Urgenda, announced the official release of Duurzaam Journaal – a one of a kind publication that brings together daily news about sustainable development on a single app for your smartphone and tablet.

Duurzaam Journaal is an initiative of Dutch publishers OneWorld, DNP en De Betere Wereld. The magazine app is built on the imgZine platform and delivers content from a variety of media outlets specializing in non-profit initiatives, crowdfunding, sustainability and international development. With the app, participating publishers want to raise awareness about the latest news in the realm of sustainable development and offer their content to a larger audience.

The publication also brings new opportunities for journalists. Jan-Jaap Heij, who worked with us before to release DNP and is also one of the app’s founding members said: “Duurzaam Journaal is a platform that offers new possibilities and opportunities for journalists. We think it’s important to contribute to a sustainable society while promoting media innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Duurzaam Journaal comes equipped with social media integration, so readers can share their favorite articles with friends. In addition, readers can customize their news feed by adding or removing topic channels according to their interests. A channel with the latest job postings in the non-profit sector and a calendar with relevant events are also included in the app.

Download Duurzaam Journaal for your iOS device today and tell us what you think in the comments!

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