Is your enterprise ready for Generation Z?

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Looking at your employees you might notice the average age is about 41-45 years. Looking further, the youngest employees are let’s say 25-30 years old. This happy bunch of ambitious people are often called millennials. And millennials are supposed to rule the world in a few years from now. So it’s very important your communication strategy is focussed on them. All that is true but, you might miss out if you don’t have the next group of employees on your radar. Generation Z is the runner up and they are moving faster then you could imagine. Early Generation Z’ers are todays students and university graduates, the employees and consumers of tomorrow. Therefor you might wanna consider a broader (internal) communication strategy then you currently have. It’s not one size fits all any longer.

Key characteristics Generation Z

Generation Z is born between 1996 and 2011. Some say they are the most connected, educated and sophisticated generation ever. And, that they not only represent the future but are creating it. Generation Z is developed pretty well on a social, visual and technological level. They seem to be humble and hardworking. While in the meanwhile they have all the skills they need to change the world.

Cause, they had to grow up in a period of financial crisis, recession, global climate change and terrorism they are predicted to make a social and economic movement in the near future. In comparison with other teenagers, Generation Z’ers are not that concerned about popularity or looks. They worry about their future, having a good job and becoming successful. They are the opposite of judging, don’t care about religion, colour or sexuality. But, they really care about authenticity, honesty and sincerity.

Generation Z’ers are techno unicorns

Ever had a hard time keeping the attention of a millennial? Try harder, Generation Z’ers attention span is even lower. But, your
effort will definitely be rewarded. Generation Z is the first generation that we can call digital natives. They spend more than 2 hours a day on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, mostly via their mobile devices. They are not only watching content via their mobile devices, they are creating as well. Generation Z describes making short content for fast media like Instagram as making art; the art to create something entertaining in six seconds. When making use of technology, wires are not allowed. Generation Z is always on the move and even at home they do not see the point in making use of wires when connected with the rest of the world.

Millennials VS Generation Z

Marketo once published an infographic on Generation Z and its differences in comparison with millennials.

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