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We are very proud to announce that ORTEC for Communications is hosting an executive Round Table on 23 November 2016. This event will be all about increasing employee engagement from an internal communications perspective. Together with Nathalie Soeteman, Chief Communications and Engagement Officer Power2Improve, and Claudia van Loon, Communications executive DELA, we discuss the role of an Internal Communications manager by increasing Employee Engagement.

We’ll face questions like “How do I create alignment with HR, Marketing, IC?”, “What kind of content contributes to employee engagement?”, “How do I facilitate employee generated content next to corporate news?”. This day we give you some best practices but, we also want to start a discussion and answer your questions on the topic guided by our chairman of the day communications expert Nathalie Soeteman.

More about Nathalie Soeteman

Nathalie Soeteman is Head of Communications and Engagement Officer at Power2Improve. She has been working in the communications field for over 15 years and helped organizations with management, marketing, and communication projects. For instance, at SNS Bank Nathalie introduced an employee advocacy program which in featured several media appearances and publications. Other companies where she created very successful employee engagement programs are: Vodafone, Endemol Group and the Telegraaf Media Group. Nathalie is an inspiring speaker and therefor a well-known executive and business coach.
You can find more information such as location, time and program here. Keen on attending the round table? Subscribe via this form.
Note: since the event is in Dutch, all the other information will be in Dutch as well.

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