MedZine redesign unlocks more relevant news for medical experts

Hester Gras

We’re happy to announce the successful redesign of MedZine, a digital magazine for medical professionals with relevant information from thousands of national and international sources. Thanks to the new look-and-feel, medical experts now benefit from an even more enjoyable app experience, opening the door to even more relevant news.

MedZine is published by Medix Publishers with the aim to offer medical specialists a new way to keep up with new scientific research and publications. By using their medical registration codes, medical experts can get access to a highly personalised magazine with content from pharmaceutical web portals and academic journals. After opening the app, they can select the specialisms they are interested in, which enables them to view news related to their medical specialism or other specialisms they are interested in.

In order to create an even more personalised reading experience, MedZine can now add specific news and/or channels per specialism as well. For instance, when there is an upcoming event or when there is extra information on a certain specialism that should be shared. Besides registered healthcare professionals, other (medical) professionals and students are able to get access too.

Download MedZine on iOS or Android.


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