Microsoft-imgZine partnership yields faster magazine delivery for Windows App Store

Marijn Deurloo

With more than 1 billion Windows PC users and over 60 million Windows 8 licenses sold to date, Microsoft has a proven reputation for being one of the world’s leading software companies. Today, it our pleasure to announce that we’ve partnered up with them to facilitate faster deployment for our real time magazines on Windows smartphones and tablets.

With the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft will have made a giant leap towards the creation of an operating system that can run on both traditional PCs and laptops and on touchscreen devices. The Windows 8.1 interface, as described by Fast Company’s Austin Carr, is the “boldest, biggest redesign in Microsoft’s history” and it might just change the way we’ve been interacting with computers, offering great opportunities for publishers.

Apps built for Windows tablets often work automatically on laptops and PCs, enabling content owners to release apps simultaneously for different devices. With our collaboration, we aim to further our platform’s reach across different operating systems and devices while offering new possibilities for our clients. Thanks to our partnership, imgZine customer The Post Online was able to launch a brand new real time magazine for Windows devices this week, almost 7 days ahead of its iOS release.

Download The Post Online for your Windows device or learn more about our offering for publishers here.

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