Mobile users are spending more time on apps than mobile browsers

Hester Gras

Recent research found that the average smartphone users look at their mobile device around 150 times a day, and now we seem to spend more time on mobile apps as well! According to comScore Media, mobile users are spending more time on apps than they ever did before. Smartphone and tablet apps showed a remarkable growth over the prior month, rising to 51% of time spent with digital media.

mobile apps are more popular than mobile browsing
Credits by: Hollandse Hoogte.

According to Nielsen, US adult Android and iPhone users were spending 65% more time with mobile applications than they did two years ago. On average, they spent 30 hours and 15 minutes in Q4 2013, while they only spent 18 hours and 18 minutes in Q4 2011.

In the same report, Nielsen describes that the average numbers of apps used had hardly risen over the past two years, from 26.8 apps on average in Q4 2011 to 32.2 apps on average in Q4 2013. The overall conclusion that emerges from the above is that mobile users spend more time with the apps they have already downloaded on their mobile device, as opposed to downloading new ones.

Prepare action plans for the promotion of your app

Once again, this makes clear just how important it is to have a good promotion strategy for your app, which erects sufficient barriers against competition. After all, if you want to be successful, you first need to make sure that people download your app.

Our advice: Carefully prepare the action plans for the promotion of your app and make sure that your communications channels are so outstanding that it will compel mobile users to hit the download button. In a further stage, the user base should be increased with ongoing marketing activities that entice new users and remind existing users about the app.

We will soon provide a report that shows the effectiveness of marketing actitivies for mobile apps. Follow imgZine on Twitter and like us on LinkedIn to stay informed about our upcoming research papers and reports on mobile apps and their reading behaviour.  

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