New MedZine release now available for iOS and Android

Hester Gras

Since its launch in 2012, MedZine has become a trusted information source for more than 10,000 healthcare professionals in The Netherlands and abroad. The real time magazine, developed by imgZine for Medix Publishers, can be fully customized according to the reader’s medical specialty, with over 45 different branches to choose from. The new release adds even more specialty fields, push notifications and improvements.


New features and fantastic design

The new MedZine has seen a total of 100 adjustments. Users can now watch videos and read PDF files inside the app. The magazine also remembers the user’s medical specialty according to their BIG/CIBG/KP registration numbers, allowing for greater ease of use. There have also been several improvements in the app’s design and overall performance.

Industry relevance and acclaim  

MedZine has built quite a name for itself in the publishing industry. The app, being the first of its kind, was recently nominated for Best Mobile Business Platform at the Dutch Mobile Marketing and Media Awards.

Research carried out by Medix Publishers among 60 medical specialists also shows that the app is poised for more growth. As many as 83% of the study’s respondents indicated that they’d be interested in using their mobile device to stay informed about the latest developments in their field. Respondents also saw significant potential for tablets and smartphones in the fields of e-learning (53%), the provision of information for patients (43%) and communication with fellow physicians (38%).

Download MedZine for iOS and Android or visit the app’s website to learn more.

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